WOW! See Old List Of People Who Contributed Money For The Construction Of A Nigerian Airport

A new list which has been shared online shows the names of people who contributed to the construction of Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport (SMICA).

SMICA is a well-known government owned airport in Imo state. The airport located in Ngor Okpala local government of the state provides air travel functions to cities even outside the state including Nnewi in Anambra and Arochukwu in Abia state but not many know the interesting history behind the facility. Imo indigenes contributed to the construction of Sam Mbakwe airport.

Sam Mbakwe airport was actually constructed thanks to contributions and levies paid and given by indigenes of the state, Wikipedia confirms.

In a recent Facebook post, a user identified as Bibi Ukonu shared the comprehensive list of the persons who contributed to the construction of the airport, side by side the amount they gave.

See the list below…


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