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Wolverine is now an obsessed lover In Reminiscence

Hugh Jackman’s acting roles have taken many shapes and forms over time. From the 2000s X-Men’s franchise as Wolverine to A struggling performer in 2017’s Disney’s musical ‘The greatest showman’.

Now stepping into the shoes of ‘Nick Bannister’ Hugh Jackman is an obsessed lover falling head over heels for his greatest showman co-star Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Mae in this Sci-fi/thriller.

Set in a dystopian era of Miami on the brink of collapse, the story focuses on protagonist Nick Bannister. A former war soldier and a purveyor of memories.

People pay for him to access memories for pleasure, closure or investigative purposes. Nick bannister is an overall good character. He gives free sessions to war buddies, stops criminals from being shot, and avoids contact with naked women during his sessions.

Along with his career, Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) comes along. A beautiful bar singer whom he falls in love with. Sadly their love is short-lived after Mae suddenly goes missing.

Mae’s disappearance prompts Nick to go on a journey to find his new lover. On his journey, he realises Mae isn’t the sweet innocent singer he assumed she was. Discovering secrets about her criminal past, Nick is heartbroken.

But what is more soul-crushing is Nick learning their encounter was planned. Mae was contracted to steal memory files of a certain woman Elsa Carine(Angela Sarafyan). Memory files that only Nick possesses.

The realistic worldbuilding in ‘Reminiscence’ establishes memories are golden. As is the only path to return to a time without the environmental and political chaos plaguing ultra-modern human existence.

The story conclusion sees Nick make peace after discovering the real truth (which I’ll exclude in this review for the sake of any more spoilers).


The story concept of Reminiscence is appealing. The part water and part land set, aesthetic!. The acting is superb!. I mean it’s Hugh Jackman! Rebecca Ferguson & Thandiwe Newton! I can never get tired of seeing them on my screen.


Reminiscence aims to be 2010s Inception but fails due to its lack of depth + clarity as to whether this is a slow-paced narrative romance or thriller.

I mean it’s a thriller, don’t drag the audience through a bitter-sweet plot, Thrill Us!

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