Why Falz reacts to the arrest of Mr Macaroni and other protesters at Lekki toll gate.

Nigerian rapper, Falz has taken to his social media page to comment on the peaceful protest in Lekki.

Falz stated that the government is using force to make the protesters fear for their lives.

Singer Falz has reacted to the arrest of the peaceful protesters at the Lekki tollgate on Saturday, February 13.

Nigerian youths decided to protest against the reopening of the tollgate following the alleged killing of protesters on October 20, 2020.

However, on Friday, February 12, some internet users shared photos and videos of policemen stationed at the tollgate to stop the protest and arrest any protesters.

Speaking on the arrest of comedian Macaroni and other protesters, the Bop Daddy crooner took to his Twitter page to rant about the government.

According to Falz, he is tired of coping and managing. Noting that we are not living in a good country, the singer stated that Nigerians cannot continue living like they currently are.

Falz stated that the government is using force on people to make them fear for their lives.

The singer left his fans excited with the recent videos shared on his Instagram Story. Falz and the US rapper were seen on presumably a music video set.

In one of the videos, the singer can be heard attempted to speak in pidgin English.

In another video, D Smoke who appears to have been bestowed with a Yoruba name, Kunle, is seen dressed in an agbada.

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