Tokyo 2020: Table tennis star Omotayo relishes first Olympics

Nigeria’s table tennis sensation, Olajide Omotayo, is happy to be part of the country’s team to the Tokyo Olympic Games which officially gets underway on Friday.

Omotayo said he was elated to be representing the country at the games for the first time in his career.

“Olympic Games are held every four years and athletes in various sports all over the world look up to it. It is a great honour to be in Tokyo in the colours of Nigeria. To earn a ticket was tough and the Olympics is a bigger stage where one must make the qualification count.

“I am happy having other top and experienced players like Aruna Quadri around me to help in the preparation for the event,” he said, referring to Africa’s number one men’s player.

“For me, it is a dream come true and I feel proud to be part of this.”

The ping pong star also said he is in top shape ahead of the start of the Olympic Games.

“I am ready. I had the best possible preparation I could achieve and I look forward to the event with high hopes to go far,” Omotayo added.

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