The Blazer Dress Is Back With A Vengeance In 2021

Trends come, go and come again, and if there’s one trend that has entered the style scene multiple times, it is the blazer dress. Blazer dresses continue to show up and show out with diverse designs, silhouettes and colours. From intricate fits to modern and complex designs, the style remains hot and on point.

The blazer dress is a bold and classy statement piece to elevate your wardrobe and your entire look, making you look feminine yet powerful. Here are some of our tips on rocking the blazer dress;

Accessories set the tone for every look, and blazer dresses aren’t excluded. Simple jewellery pieces, like studded earrings, single-layered necklaces and bracelets, serve a chic vibe. You can also opt for strappy heels, totes and sunglasses for a trendy flair.

Colours and prints
Blazer dresses come in all sorts of colours such as neutral tones like white, taupe, grey, and bright hues like blue, red and orange. You just have to select a colour based on the vibe you’re going for.

All in the details
Modern blazers now have complex designs from classic options like cinched outlines, oversized outlines to double-breasted cuts. There’s a look for every fashionista.

Olomide Didi Stone. Photo Instagram – didistone
Marii Pazz. Photo Instagram amariipvzz
Ini Edo. Photo Instagram – iniedo
Dress by Lisa Folawiyo
Marii Pazz. Photo Instagram – mariipvzz 1
Photo Instagram – hintofglamour
Tacha. Photo Instagram – symply_tacha
Sinokuhle Booi. Photo Instagram – sinobooi
Tacha. Photo Instagram symply_tacha
Cynthia Nwadiora. Photo Instagram – ceec_official

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