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The Best Places In Nigeria For Wildlife Lovers

Nigeria has some of the most captivating wildlife on the planet but where can you see the best of the country’s creatures? Here are five locations that any wildlife enthusiasts should have on their lists of places to visit.

Ogba Zoo and Nature Park
This gorgeous state-owned zoological park, located in Benin City, was established in 1966. It covers around 750 acres and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. At Ogba Zoo and Nature Park, you could see monkeys, antelopes, rock pythons, peafowls, giant tortoises, and even the King of the Jungle: lions.

The Cross River National Park
In the dense tropical rainforest jungle of the Cross River National Park, you can see leopards, elephants, baboons, and chimpanzees. If you are lucky, you might even get a glimpse of the endangered Cross River gorilla. There are also over 350 bird species in the park and it is said to be the best site for butterflies in all of Africa. Furthermore, the Cross River National Park is the only place in the country where you can see the red colobus monkey. Located in the southeast of Nigeria, this park covers nearly 2,500 square miles. In addition to the humid forests, you will also find beautiful coastal zones and boggy mangrove swamps. The national park has often been called the African Amazon, and that is a very apt name indeed. If you like jungle adventures, you are sure to enjoy spending time at the Cross River National Park. And if you want to get in the mood, you are sure to also enjoy playing the fun Jungle Jackpots slot game online.

The Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve
Are you a fan of primates? If so, you can get up close to the likes of putty-nosed monkeys, tantalus monkeys, and mona monkeys at Nigeria’s Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve. It is even home to the endangered Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee. The beautiful forest reserve has plenty to offer besides monkeys, though, including around 160 bird species. Indeed, BirdLife International has classified the Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area.

The Lekki Conservation Centre
If you are a wildlife lover but do not have the time or stamina to explore the national parks of Nigeria, a good option is to head to the Lekki Conservation Center. Situated in Lagos, the center is an urban park. In the middle of a bustling city, you are suddenly transported to the jungle. The center’s park includes a 1,300-foot canopy walkway, which is the longest in all of Africa, and there are plenty of animal species to see, including monkeys, snakes, crocodiles, and numerous bird species. There are also six towers from which you can get an amazing panoramic view of the dense forest and its wildlife. And if you are a keen bird watcher, check out the great treehouse bird hide.

Yankari National Park
For the most diverse selection of wildlife in Nigeria, head to Yankari National Park. Any wildlife lover will get a kick out of exploring this area. It is home to the largest elephant population in Nigeria, which is sadly mightily low at around 100 to 150 elephants. You will also find the endangered West African lion as well as the roan antelope, hippopotamus, western hartebeest, buffalo, and many species of monkeys. In addition to the glorious animals, the park has some stunning sites, including mysterious caves and warm springs in which you can take a dip. If you are a wildlife lover and you have yet to visit the beautiful sights of Yankari National Park, what are you waiting for?

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