Reno Tells Business Owners What They Should Never Do When A Customer Is Talking.

Reno Omokri, the man many people see and regard as the wise man has once more spoken today. In a tweet he made this afternoon, he spoke directly to business owners. He decided to pass an important message to them on what they should do when a customer is talking, so that they will not for any reason lose him or her.

Reno who disclosed to business owners that they should never interrupt a customer when he talks. According to him, he instructed them to give the customer whole body listening by maintaining eye contact, nudding the head when he is talking, even when you know that you do not agree to what he is saying.

It’s obvious that this advice given by Reno Omokri will help many business owners. Most business owners go to the extent of exchanging words with their customers which Reno is trying to let such persons to know and understand that it’s very wrong to do that. Business owners should try as much as they could to implement this and see how things will change.

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