Rashford explains what social media companies must do to punish those behind racial abuse

The Englishman has himself faced some sickening abuse over the last few weeks.

Rashford believes every single account of racists should be blocked over and over again.

The United star says the abuse doesn’t affect him much but impacts the image of the social media websites which encourage people from all over the world interacting with one another.

When asked about what should be done to punish the people behind racial abuse on social media, Marcus Rashford told Sky Sports: “Online abuse – it should be easy to stop, just deactivate the accounts.

“We know that it’s very easy to make four or five accounts but if you have to block them all, then block them all.

“That’s on the social media companies themselves. If they see anyone being abusive in any way, their account should be deleted immediately, that’s how you’d deal with it.

“I feel like it doesn’t affect me as much as other people because I’m not actively on social media so half the stuff that goes on there, what people are saying about me and other people, I’m not really on top of and I don’t see it.

“But it’s a place people should enjoy. Ten or 15 years ago it wasn’t there and we’re lucky to have it, to be able to connect with people all over the world and from different cultures and religions.

“For it to be used in a negative light is stupid and hopefully they can sort out that issue and it can be a place of good.”

Rashford was himself a victim to sickening racial abuse after Man United’s draw vs Arsenal last month. The United no.10 had a defiant message for the racists after that and is standing strong to protect his teammates and other superstars from sickening abuse by urging social media companies to act on stopping racism on their platforms.

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