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R Kelly’s Victim Azriel Clary Says She Lied In Interview After He Coached Her On What To Say

R Kelly’s victim Azriel Clary says she lied about ‘everything’ in her 2019 interview with Gayle King after the disgraced R&B singer coached her on how to answer questions.

The now-23-year-old told Gayle King on CBS News:

Before the interview he had us practicing every single day… answering questions. And if he didn’t like our answer he would tell us exactly what to say and how to say it. Any time you mention anything about sexual preference we already know to say: “I’m not here to talk about any of that.

The morning show then flashed back to a clip of an angered 21-year-old Clary in March of 2019 when she first appeared on the show. She said:

First of all, I’m not here to talk about my personal life and I would never share with anyone what I do in or outside of the bedroom.

At the time, she had been living with R Kelly for nearly five years, considered herself his girlfriend, and was a loyal advocate claiming the sexual assault allegations against her lover weren’t true.

‘You guys don’t know the truth. You guys are believing this f***ing façade that our parents are saying. This is all f***ing lies for money,’ Clary said two years ago.

Clary told King that Kelly told her to be angry.

‘I was scared because I was like: “I don’t want the world to see me this way…” I’m loving, I’m caring, I’m compassionate. No one got to see that side of me,’ Clary added as she fought back tears.

King said that Clary’s father knew something was amiss when the 2019 interview aired.

You know it’s interesting ’cause your dad called me after and said: “That is not my daughter. That is not who she is. That is not how she speaks. That is not what she believes.

She claimed that after the 2019 interview when she went back to Kelly’s apartment, ‘he was so happy’.

‘He was like: “You guys did amazing… You did so well, you carried yourself so well. I believe he even got food and wanted to celebrate, that’s how happy he was with that interview.

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