Quavo Picking Up Bobby Shmurda From Prison

Bobby Shmurda Release 

Quavo will pick up Bobby Shmurda when he’s released from prison tomorrow.

Bobby Shmurda is finally getting released from prison on Tuesday and the hip-hop community couldn’t be more excited to welcome him back with open arms. The GS9 rapper has remained culturally relevant despite his seven-year sentence. While he didn’t release a lot of music before his incarceration, Bobby quickly became one of the most enticing up-and-coming rappers from New York, spitting new energy into the game at the time. He had gotten close with the Migos, teasing their collaborative ShMigo mixtape, which was never released. There’s new hope that the album could eventually come because, when Bobby gets released from prison tomorrow, Quavo will be there to pick him up.

Bobby Shmurda Release 

The rapper’s post-prison plans have been detailed by his mother Leslie Pollard, who told TMZ that he will be coming home to a home-cooked meal and quality time with his family before focusing fully on his music career again. However, Quavo will be there at the correctional facility tomorrow to give Bobby a proper welcome home from the rap community, planning something big.

“I’m going to get my guy,” said Quavo in an exclusive new interview with Billboard. “I’m personally gonna go pick up Bobby Shmurda. I’m bout to go get him. I’m gonna let him show you how I’m gonna pick him up, yessir.”


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