Peter Okoye ‘Mr P’ Launches Wine Company, Aphro Palm Spirit

Popular singer, Peter Okoye, Popularly known as Mr. P has announced the launch of a self-owned alcoholic wine company named Aphro Palm Spirit.

Taking to social media to make the announcement, the former member of the dissolved P-Square band shared a video of the product launch.

“Somebody tell somebody to tell somebody to tell somebody that Mr. P has another one up his sleeves.

Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you APHRO The new age African liquor

✅ Triple distilled.

✅ Locally tapped from palm trees in West Africa.

✅ Infused with fruits, herbs and spices.

✅ Unapologetically African.

Africa has one that it can call it’s very own. Created by Africans, Enjoyed by Africans and appreciated globally!” He wrote.

Watch the launch video below……….


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