Nomsa Buthelezi Opens Up On Her Children Being Bullied Over Her Se×uality

Media personality, Nomsa Buthelezi has open the lid on the lid on the constant bullying she and her children face because of her size and Se×uality.

The media personality opened up about the constant body shaming and homophobia she experienced while trying to make it in an industry that refuses to give her a chance. She went further of offer words of encouragement to her fellow big girls out there who face bullying are told they don’t fit the parts.

In her words;

“Have you ever been down but you keep Smiling? I go through homophobic slurs almost daily But they never sat down with me and to know my SE×UALITY is not a Disease 💔In the industry I keep on being told “you don’t look the part” But they never gave me a chance…. Kubuhlungu Even those you call family they Spit on you ……Dear Big girl BREATH joy comes in the MORNING HOLD ON❤ IM PROUDLY QUEERAND IM A BIG GIRL WITH TALENT🙏 #GOMORADIVA


The star also talked about the bullying her children faces in school by their peers because of her se×uality but she has been very open with them since they one and they really understand her.

See post below:

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