‘Never going to say it’s done until it’s done’: Solskjaer refuses to put end to Premier League title race

Man City have a 10-point adavantage over Man United.

However, Solskjaer maintains that something still might happen that will make it more competitive.

From United’s point of view, they can only take care of their own results from now own, the boss adds.

“I am never going to say it’s done until it’s done,” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said about the title race after the Newcastle win. “We have seen so many examples of teams that have hung in there, have kept working and have kept doing their own jobs.

“Something might happen. It’s not something we think about – we just think about our own performances. That’s the only thing we can control. We have got loads to play for, and as a team we’ve got loads to improve on.

“To build momentum by going on the pitch and playing well is important. We have had a couple of setbacks in West Brom and Sheffield United where I can sit here and explain why we did not get the points we deserved but that’s not what I want to do. For me, the boys are really focused.

“We have been good at recovering mentally and physically. It’s not easy playing Thursday night [In the Europa League] and coming back here. Maybe that’s why we needed 45 minutes to get going.”

After 25 games, Man United are still 10 points behind Man City. In fact, they are further from the league leaders than from fifth-placed Chelsea who are just 6 points away.

Still, apart from one remark after the disappointing Everton draw, the Norwegian has been consistent in his insistence that the Red Devils will not give up on the title race.

That means that the Manchester derby that is scheduled for March 7 might be a game of the season – if United do not fall further behind before that.

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