NBA Youngboy & Yaya Mayweather Welcome Their Newborn Son

Yaya Mayweather reveals that she gave birth to her and NBA Youngboy’s newborn son.

Yaya Mayweather and NBA Youngboy have been subject to much speculation over the past year. The attention heightened after Yaya Mayweather was accused of stabbing Youngboy’s other baby mama. The two remained strong in the face of adversity but NBA Youngboy did refer to Yaya as his wife around the same time, confirming that they were, indeed, head over heels for each other.

Floyd Mayweather confirmed in an interview that his daughter was pregnant with NBA Youngboy’s child as rumors started heating up. And although that they have seemingly parted ways since, it appears that Yaya has officially given birth to their child. She took to her Instagram Story where she shared a picture of her baby’s foot along with Queen Naija’s “Mama Hand” playing. According to TheShadeRoom, they welcomed a boy. Yaya didn’t reveal the name of the child.

The birth of their newborn child means that the 21-year-old rapper is now said to have seven children — five sons (though one isn’t biologically his child) and two daughters. Back in November,┬áDrea Symone revealed that she had given birth┬áto her and NBA Youngboy’s baby girl.

NBA Youngboy’s currently off of social media so he hasn’t been able to publicly celebrate the birth of his newborn child. But with a new album set to drop titled, Sincerely, Kentrell, it seems likely that we’ll hear him open up about fatherhood even more in his future releases.

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