Mzvee Songs Are Not Making The Massive Wave After Parting Ways With Lynx Entertainment

Entertainment guru, George Mensah Britton has clarified his previous comment about Mzvee’s weak comeback as he claims he said that to make her work harder.

Not long ago, the former Lynx Entertainment signee went wild at Mr. Britton following his comment that she’s not making it as she used to be under her former label.

According to the entertainment critic, he indicated that his comment was devoid of malice but only sort to say the truth which might make her work harder despite the seeming bitterness.

George Britton added that people are not sycophants in the country so things are said irrespective of how you will feel about it if it’s the truth.

Speaking on Kastle FM on Cape Cost, he emphasized that since the songstress came back her efforts are not making much progress as compared to when he was under Lynx Entertainment.

He quizzed that if he makes such an assessment and Mzvee comes and attacks him then who loses?

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