‘Many should’ve been protected from themselves’: Solskjaer appears to take a dig at some of Premier League colleagues

Some managers, like Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho, can be very emotional on the touchline or in post-games interviews.

Solskjaer, however, is happy with his calmer attitude and does not think he’ll change that much.

He admits that he’s not very hands-on as a manager, but he has a brilliant coaching team around him.

“I have now been in this game for quite some time, since I moved home to Kristiansund and took Molde in January 2011, ten years ago,” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told Norwegian media outlet VG when asked if we’re going to see a ‘crazier’ version of the coach on the touchline.

“I do not think I will change that much. I do not think I was so much up and down then either. It is a bit important to take one or two steps back, take a breath on the ground if you feel like maybe saying something you regret later.

“There are many who should have been protected from themselves and rather had a little minute to calm down. There are some things you can say in affection that are not particularly constructive.

“I am me. I’m not one of them,” the Man United boss added when asked directly how he differs from the likes of Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola.

“We all have our own ways of leading a club and a team. I have my way of doing it. I have never hidden that I am not the one who is out in the field and does all the training.

“I’m more of a manager. I have had good coaches with me and have a fantastic support system around me. I have always been dependent on good coaches, and of course patience in the club and that we believe in what we agree on.”

Solskjaer is often perceived as a calm presence in the dugout, especially in comparison with his colleagues from Man City, Liverpool and Tottenham.

This season, we see that such an approach could be as effective as shouting and running down the touchline as some other managers are prone to do.

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