Lady ignores her dad, goes home with the man she met at isolation center in Oyo

Lady goes home with the man she met at isolation center

A middle-aged graduate created a mild drama on Saturday at the Oyo state Infectious Disease Centre as she refused to follow her pastor father home after being discharged after being treated for COVID-19.

According to Reports , the lady opted to follow a soldier who she met at the center, instead of her dad.

It was gathered that the soldier was also admitted to the isolation centre, but got discharged some days before her.

Her father, a pastor, was waiting to take her home. The soldier she met at the isolation centre was also waiting for her on a motorcycle and she ignored her father and went with the soldier.

According to Reports, the pastor approached the soldier but after about five minutes of discussion, the lady was taken away on the motorcycle while her father left the centre in anger.

The father said that her daughter began exhibiting a wayward attitude after graduating from school.

he said;

She is my second child but after her graduation from the school of statistics, she refused to come home. I only got to know that she had been isolated at the centre through a relative she confided in. I am a man of God and I will continue to pray for her”.

According to a fellow discharged patient, “Before the soldier was discharged, he and the girl were very close. They mingled together.”

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