Kiki Mordi flees social media, goes into hiding after colleague attempted suicide

S3x for grades journalist, Kiki Mordi has deactivated her Twitter account after her colleague, Oge Obi attempted suicide yesterday, 12 December.

Recall that Oge Obi, who pitched and was an undercover journalist on the s3x for grades documentary attempted to take her life by taking a poisonous substance.

Sharing a video of herself in tears on Twitter before attempting suicide, Oge Obi shared her childhood dreams revealing how all she wanted was to become the next Christiane Amanpour before asking her followers which poisonous substance was fast and swift.

Kiki, however, has denied any wrongdoings, as she said this on Twitter before deactivating.

“I said this on Twitter, in my interviews, on the actual film. I never hid this from anyone and I certainly never stole anyone’s story or credits.”

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