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Juventus: Performing Below Average


Juventus Team has been having series of bad results ever since the Italian League started. Even though they are on top of the League table on a verge of lifting the Serie A again, it won’t be over looked, the results that had been a set back from lifting the trophy earlier on.

having spent up to €700m plus in player transfer in the last 4 years, one would see why it doesn’t make sense to lose against small oppositions like Verona. With the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, Higuain, Miralem Pjanic, Douglas Costa and Rabiot only to mention but a few, arriving at the club in big money moves, it will leave you wonder why this team haven’t lifted the Champions League or gone to the finals. Let alone losing to a small club in league games.


Ronaldo joined Juventus in a mega money move from Real Madrid

Could the performance of the team be because of mismanagement of talents or simply over squad? I will go with the first: mismanagement of talents. Comparing this team to a Spanish league giant in Real Madrid, the club had been known for spending money when getting high profile players just like Juventus or even better but at the end, there’s either a Champions League trophy to show for it or a League title.

Juventus players

In the present time, a Champions League Trophy is worth more than two league trophies so with all the squad depth in the Juventus team, there isn’t an excuse to why Young Boys FC would beat them in a champions league fixture and Also lose at home to Ajax. Though impressive victories against Athletico Madrid would likely cover for those loses but it won’t be overlooked to why the team isn’t competing for European Glory.

Ajax celebrates after beating Juventus far from home

Coming to the management, having Sarri at the helm of the club might not be a master stroke since it’s been shown he has less winning mentality compared to the club managers of old. Other managers failed to deliver a European Trophy to the club but their league run ins where impressive. You can’t be a Juventus fan and be happy with your team losing matches you’d think they will win. A change of management might be employed if in few months the manager doesn’t deliver.

Sarri has been left confused by the team’s inconsistency

Even if you won’t compete in Europe, make sure you are feared in your own league. We have seen that in teams like Ajax, PSG and probably Manchester City. Hopefully the season is over. We hope to see an improved Juventus Team competing in all front.


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