Jude Okoye’s wife placed on oxygen amid battle with Coronavirus

Wife of Jude Okoye, an older brother and former manager to the now-defunct music duo P-Square, Ify has been placed on oxygen amid battle with COVID-19.

Ify took to her Instagram story on Saturday to share a picture of herself on oxygen with a terse post reading: “surviving COVID-19.”

The former beauty queen also shared another clip of her “bestie” who paid her a visit but was unable to get close to her due to the novel disease.

Ify’s COVID-19 diagnosis comes a few days after her husband recovered from COVID-19 and further stretches the list of celebrities that have publicly announced their struggles with the killer virus in recent times.

Her post also comes about two days after Paul Okoye, a singer better known as Rudeboy, recovered from the disease after battling the novel coronavirus for 11 days.

On Monday, Ali Baba, a popular comedian, called those who doubt the existence of COVID-19 “fools” while recounting his experience.

“The second wave of COVID-19 is deadlier than the one before. People are dying — pastors, doctors, professors, billionaires, poor men, less privileged. People are dying every day. Those numbers you see aren’t fake” he had said.

“I have spoken with people who attended parties and died two days later. COVID-19 is real, don’t let anyone decieve you. Anyone who tells you COVID-19 is scam, don’t trust the person.”

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