‘I’m sad for him actually’: One player Nemanja Vidic considers the dirtiest in his career

Vidic was one of the most combative defenders in football’s history.

The Old Trafford legend remembers being elbowed by Rickie Lambert.

Speaking to the Times back in 2017, Nemanja Vidic said: “I didn’t know many dirty players. Maybe just this guy from Southampton, he also played for Liverpool. Rickie Lambert, yes, him.

“I got an elbow from him. How did I handle it? You don’t ‘handle it’. He became very small for me then. I’m sad for him actually, in my career I can’t think of any other player who wanted to hurt me.

“The reason why I kept playing? Pride. You can fix your nose, but if you let somebody score the goal your pride cannot be fixed. I was going to win a challenge I had to go 150 per cent.”

Vidic was left with blood all over his face on his final Manchester United appearance after being elbowed by Lambert in the 1-1 draw against the Saints forward on May 11, 2014.

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