“If you’re not suffering now, I don’t know how you’re doing it, everything is highly expensive” – Tacha laments (Video)

Former BBNaija housemate and entrepreneur, Tacha has expressed her bitterness over the state of the country and how things are becoming too expensive.

Speaking in a recent video, the influencer lamented over the hike in price of onions, and how the regulatory body in Nigeria isn’t doing anything about it.

In her words, “You have to just be suffering right now. If you’re not suffering man I don’t know how you’re doing it but everybody is legit suffering. Everything highly expensive. When they went as high as this, people could not even afford it let alone now.

You can imagine. Regular onion. There is a regulatory body in this country that doesn’t do shit, doesn’t regulate shit. Something that is N100 today can cost N800 tomorrow. What kind of country is this where people have to just suffer?”


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