If You Refuse Growth


It is no longer news that, one of the characteristics of living things is growth according to Biology.

Anything that fails to grow cannot be regarded as a living thing. This growth is a personal matter and it’s never a end of the journey for every living thing.

It is also the foundation and basis for all other growth. Nothing can cover for lack of strong character and personal development. This growth does not start outside of you, but ‘INSIDE YOU’. If you and your friends are born in the same day, you cannot grow the same way. That is why you need personal growth as an individual.

Personal growth is a gradual and systematic character building, attitudinal changes, maturity, large-heartedness, a broad shoulder to carry weight, personal preparation and equipping. It is a mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and psychological development with the ability to behave maturely.

As much as personal growth is essential for every individual, if you fail in your personal growth, you are putting yourself under the following dangers:

  • You put a limit to your vocational growth
  • You are on the path to oblivion
  • You become a man of yesterday
  • You abort greater chances that tomorrow holds
  • You welcome decline and delay
  • You open the way for others to overtake you
  • You begin to crawl and stop climbing

a lot of dangers that pen cannot quantify. This is certain, if you fail to grow into maturity, no one will entrust tangible things into your hand.

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