‘I don’t see that in England things are better than in France’: Cavani explains why he won’t compare Premier League with Ligue 1

  • The Uruguayan believes the intensity of the competition is difficult in both leagues.
  • Cavani says it doesn’t matter which league you are playing in but the quality of the opponent which is high all over Europe.

When asked about how the quality of football in the Premier League weighs up against Ligue 1, Edinson Cavani said: “I believe that one of the things I have always said about football is that all leagues have different characteristics, and that is not why one is inferior to the other.

“Let us not forget that one of the last finalists in the Champions League was a French team.

So, there are things that football, for me, is football, no matter where you play, who you play against. It matters how much you play, how much you put on the field, you dedicate.

“For me, it is pure competition, from all sides, with different characteristics. I don’t see that in England things are better than in France, which is better than in Portugal.

No, because you can face someone from Portugal and lose. Then, play against an English team and win.

“Football is football, even though today it has become a very big business, with teams depending on tickets to have economic power, with the marketing and visibility that one can have.

They try to use this to show what each country can offer. But, for me, I already said what I think.”

In his years at PSG, Cavani won multiple Ligue 1 titles and scored 138 goals in 200 appearances in the competition.

He has netted only 6 in 17 league games in the Premier League for Man United, but it’s his respect for the game which makes El Matador such a respectable individual in the dressing room.

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