How Long will Your Attitude Take You…

How Long will Your Attitude Take You

As you progress in your day-to-day pursuit, you should always take caution of, things that long to haunt you down and waste your resources:

  • Wrong assumption
  • Impatience and hurry
  • Comparism (comparing your success with others who do not make much progress)
  • Moving with wrong people
  • Believing in status quo
  • Glorification of ignorance
  • Playing today to pay tomorrow
  • Failure to plan and set goal

And You must equally know that to succeed, you need to:

  • Develop love for personal growth
  • Be Dissatisfied with average
  • Have a sense of Direction
  • Be Determined
  • Be Disciplined
  • Be a serious student of growth
  • Sacrifice today for your tomorrow
  • Move with men of vision
  • Be sensitive to opportunities around
  • Do not neglect your potential

If you can avoid the enemies of growth, beware of the dangers of non-growth, count the cost of growth and pay the price, you will never be stranded on your way to fulfil purpose and you will always be on top in every sphere of your life…

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