How Bella Shmurda attacked Ghanaian doctor with a fork after COVID-19 test

Bella Shmurda Ghana – the rave of the moment, Bella Shmurda has made the news but this time, it’s nothing good.

Buzzupdate News gathered that the ‘Cash App’ singer has been deported from Ghana and also banned from entering the country for 3 months.

This is because he assaulted the Ghanaian doctor who presented him a positive COVID-19 test.

Upon arrival at Ghana, he and his friends were mandated to quarantine and take the test. However, when they were presented the test, they accused the doctor of presenting a ‘fake’ test.

Multiple news outlets had reported that an Adjabeng Circuit Court sitting in Accra ordered the singer’s deportation.

The Nigerian star was said to have attacked a doctor with a fork while in quarantine at MPlaza Hotel in Accra.

The ‘Cash App’ singer and two others, Ramsey Omeofe and Jubreel Abimbola, were said to have been fined GH¢2,000 (N135,000).

When contacted, Shmurda’s camp described the allegations as “fake news”.

However, Earnest Asiebu, a Ghanaian doctor who witnessed the incident, described the accusations as “true”.

“Three Nigerians tested positive [for COVID-19] at the airport in Accra. Then, they were sent into isolation based on the protocol of Ghana. In isolation, there’s an opportunity for retesting on day 3,” he told TheCable Lifestyle.

“The retesting was done but, when the results were being communicated, one of them tried to use a metal fork to stab a doctor who was overseeing the isolation. It was reported to the police.

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“When they were discharged from isolation on day 7, they were sent to court because they had to prosecute and investigate what had happened. The three pleaded guilty, were fined, and allowed to return to Nigeria.

“If you get in touch with them, they themselves can confirm. They confirmed that it happened and pleaded guilty.”

Bella Shmurda Ghana – Ebenezar Amu, a spokesman of the Ghanaian police, confirmed the incident but could not provide the names of the persons involved.

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