How A Young Man Lost A Foreign Job Because Of Nigeria’s Poor Internet Network

A Twitter user has revealed how the terrible state of the internet in Nigeria made him lose a foreign job.

He revealed that while applying for the job, the foreign-based recruiter told him that the company no longer hires people in Nigeria due to the internet speed.


According to the email he was provided as a feedback, the company said they don’t accept Nigerians because internet providers in the West African country don’t have the speed that meets their technical requirements.

His full tweet reads;

“Can’t believe a recruiter told me they don’t employ Nigerians cause of our internet speed.”

“Funny thing be say I think say them wan yarn say dem they fear fraudsters so I don start to dey preach to them about how Naija boys built flutterwave and Paystack and how stereotype dey harmful, na so this message just enter, ma gan I just weak.”

See his post:

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