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Goojara is one of the most robust and well-organized free movies and tv series streaming and download websites, most popularly known in countries like South African, Kenya, the United States of America, etc.

Goojara Website Overview

The website is a web portal that offers free streaming of movies, series and animes on its platform. Streaming movies on the website is easy as it’s been my personal favourite for a long time now.

The website allows users to watch and download movies, series and anime for free. This means using the website is free. This is perhaps, the most fascinating thing about

While streaming movies and TV shows on services like Netflix are easy and great, they often come at a price. Well, think of it as premium service, premium price. However, even on a premium service like Netflix, you don’t get to have the latest blockbuster movies and shows.

For Goojara on the other hand, as long as the movie is available online for download, they will update it in their library for users to watch or download for absolutely free.

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Now, you may be curious to know why new blockbuster movies or premium movies are available on the goojara website for free. Well, this is because the website shares copyrighted materials. They do not have the license to share those movies and shows but they do it anyway.

This isn’t new in this time and age. Asides from Goojara, there are loads of other sites that do the same. Of course, this is wrong but they do it anyway.

Overall, is a great movie streaming and downloading website that makes getting your hands on the latest movies and latest episodes of your favourite TV shows a lot easier.

You can simply visit and navigate through the website. It is suitable for everyone. So whether you want to watch a movie online or download it, the website comes in handy and it makes it easy and accessible.


There are a few features that make this website unique compared to others. Of course, this is from a personal point of view. Here, we will be talking about a few of the features of

1. Simplicity

Sometimes, the best designs are simple. This is one of the main attributes of Unlike similar movie streaming websites with loads of disturbing ads, goojara keeps it simple. Although the website still utilizes ads that are only normal seeing that its services are free, it’s not as annoying or disturbing compared to other movie streaming sites I know.

2. The Search Functionality


Another strong point for this site is its search functionality. A couple of similar sites tend not to use the search box. This makes it super difficult for users to find old movies and series you’d love to watch or download.

This isn’t the case for goojara The website not only utilizes a search box, but the functionality is better. As you type the name of the movie or series you are looking for, it tends to bring up suggestions. The same way it works on Google when attempting to search.

I find this to be handy when trying to find my favourite movie or series without exactly knowing the full name. I just need to know a few letters and if it’s available on the site, it will be displayed in the suggestions.

3. Ability To Request For Special Content

Didn’t find what you are looking for on No worries as the site have a feature that allows you to request special content.

This is another cool feature of the movie and TV series streaming site. Not only do they make content available for their users, but they also go the extra mile to get other content based on the request of the user.

If having gone through the goojara website and you couldn’t find a particular movie or series you were looking for, you can request it and if it’s within reach, you can trust them to make it available for you.

4. Contents Are Properly Categorized


Unlike other sites that tend to categorize movies and series together thus making it hard to specifically find what they want, Goojara does it better by properly categorizing series and movies. That way, it’s easy for users to simply go straight to the movies session if that’s what they are particularly interested in. And in a case whereby they are interested in series, there’s a precise session for that.

Download & Watch Movies, Series, Animes On Goojara

Downloading movies and series from is very easy. The site’s easy navigation makes it so. Unlike some sites that make you go through series of stages to find the download or watch button, makes it super easy. You just need to click on the movie you want to watch or download, click on the play or download option and that is it.

I know that’s confusing and for that reason, I will be giving you a detailed step on how to do this.

How To Watch Movies, Series and Animes On

  • Visit the official website using your Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is recommended as I’ve noticed it works best with this browser. Thankfully, the browser is available on both mobile and PC hence, make sure you use Google chrome.
  • Find the movie, series or anime you want to watch. You can do this by navigating to the recently added session or popular session. You can even use the search option to find the movie you want to watch.
  • Tap on the movie thumbnail or title to get to the movie watch page.
  • Once the page loads up, the video player will be displayed. You will notice a blue video play icon is displayed in the middle of the video player. Tap or click on that.


  • Tap on the blue video play icon to start streaming the movie. Depending on the internet speed, this might take a while.
  • Once the movie begins, you can put it on full-screen mode for better viewing. You can also utilize the PIP mode. The PIP mode allows you to watch the movie will giving you the chance to do other things on your phone. The Netflix app utilizes this feature.

There you have it. That’s how to watch movies, animes and series on If you have other issues with this, do not hesitate to let us know using the comment session.

How To Download Movies, Series and Animes On

  1. Visit and select the movie or series you want to download. The same process as above applies except for this time, you are choosing the download option.
  2. Get to the movie or series page. For the series, you will need to select the episode you want to download.
  3. To download movies and series on, you will need to play the movie first. Again, we recommend using the google chrome browser.
  4. When the movie begins playing, tap on the pause button. Look at the top and the right on the video player.
  5. Tap on the Download button. After a few seconds, the download should commence.

This method to download series, movies and other content on goojara is only doable on android and computers. iPhone users will need to use third-party apps like Total Downloader.

When the download starts, you can go ahead with other things on your phone or computer till the download is complete.


As earlier mentioned, has been my best resort for all things relating to the latest movies, latest episodes of my favourite TV shows and animes. This is a result of how easy it is to navigate through the website.

The website is also relatively fast and so also is the files. Download and streaming speed is also relatively good but the final verdict will be based on how fast your internet connection is.

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