‘Give Greenwood chances he will score’: Scholes believe Mason’s a better finisher than Rashford

  • The former United midfielder believes it’s a battle between Rashford and Greenwood for the centre-forward role.
  • Scholes says that nothing can stop Mason from reaching the top if he keeps working hard.

Speaking about who is better suited to lead the line for Man United between Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood, Paul Scholes told said: “It’s between Rashford and Greenwood who plays in that centre forward role.

“I think the club and everybody thinks Greenwood is the best finisher at the club so therefore he would be better as the No9.

“The only problem is when Rashford’s played on the right he hasn’t really found his best form so they could switch round quite a bit.

“Give Greenwood chances he will score. He is destined to be a superstar. He’s got to keep his feet on the ground, keep working hard and there’s nothing to stop him.”

Greenwood started the game vs Real Sociedad as a centre-forward, but it was Rashford who got more chances and scored the goal.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has already spoken about how Mason can play in multiple roles and after signing a long-term contract with the club recently, the young striker has time on his side to find his best role in the team and make it his own in years to come.

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