Frank Ocean Fans Send Love On His 33rd Birthday

Frank Ocean is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, photographer, and visual artist, Frank Ocean is currently trending on social media and, unfortunately, it’s not because he released new music.

Fortunately, however, it’s because today marks a big day for the now-thirty-three-year-old, who is celebrating another year of life on his birthday.

People are sending their love to the American star, who is always remarkably reclusive despite a couple of annual posts on his Tumblr page.

This year, especially, has to have been difficult for the superstar, who lost his younger brother Ryan Breaux in a car accident. Ryan’s mother publicly mourned the loss of the 18-year-old son but, as fans have noted, Frank has not spoken out about the tragic crash.

Still, Frank’s fans are sending him tons of love and reminding him that he is one of the greatest artists of his generation, which will hopefully put a big smile on his face.

The star turns thirty-three years old today and, while there are people asking him to drop new music (as expected), there are others that are just thanking him for existing and singing songs that have related to so many people’s struggles over his career.

The only time that Frank has broken his silence in the last few months has been to denounce Donald Trump, urging his audience to vote for Joe Biden in September.

Happy birthday, Frank! You deserve everything good that comes your way.




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