“Everytime I try exit kotoko airport, Accra; I get pulled aside for a random drug search” – ROK Tv boss, Jason Njoku cries out

Nigerian businessman and co-founder of Iroko TV, Jason Chukwuma Njoku has disclosed the embarrassing situations of being profiled as a drug dealer whenever he travels out of the country.

The Iroko TV boss took to Instagram to share his experiences. The most recent of which was Kotoko Airport, Accra, Ghana. He shared that other experiences are in the UK, Dubai, and the United Kingdom.

Njoku who’s surprised at these encounters ponders if his look can easily profile him as a drug dealer or user.

Here’s what he wrote;

“Every time I try to exit Kotoko Airport, Accra I get pulled aside for a ‘random’ drug search. 100% of the time. From the UK. Drug search. Dubai. Drug search. US Drug search. SA. Drug search. Not Dollars o. Drugs. Unsure how drug mules look but never considered myself the profile”.


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