EPL: Race for a Champions League place gets hotter

Champions League: The top four has been occupied by Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Leicester City. The only guaranteed spot is the 1st and 2nd position who also automatically qualifies for Champions league Next season leaving two(2) slots free with three(3) teams struggling for the positions.

Chelsea and Leicester City currently occupies the 3rd and 4th position respectively with Manchester United (although jointly on same point with Leicester City) is at 5th position. But Non of the team has their positions guaranteed to them.

we take a look at their remaining fixtures and who has a more difficult tsk qualifying.


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Champions League
Remaining fixtures for Chelsea: source-Skysports


The blues have been impressive and less convincing at times since the start of the season last year. A 4:0 loss against Manchester United didn’t stop Frank Lampards young guns from shooting at all angles. Then it comes down to this. Having had a setback against Sheffield United, they replied in the next fixture by beating Norwich at home to go third after Bournemouth had inflicted Leicester City with a 4:1 injury.

They travel to play Liverpool Next before welcoming Wolves at home in what would be the last fixture of the season. A win is required from both matches if the how for a champions league spot is to be kept alive or else they risk losing both or one of the matches and move to Europa League.


Leicester play Manchester United on the final day

Having beaten Sheffield United 2:0, they will play away at Tottenham hoping for a point or three(3) then play Manchester United at home which might be a very good test of their capabilities. Their fixture seems harder compared to Chelsea but we have seen mistakes in the premier league with Liverpool’s mistake costing them a win against Arsenal. Leicester City will be giving all they have in the remaining fixtures. Baring a slip from either Chelsea or Manchester United, a top 4 finish would be an uphill task for the team.


Manchester United play Westham United and Leicester City in the final 2 games of the season

Having had an impressive performance since the restart, the Red Devils will have a statement to make if they qualify for the champions league. They could well rely on The Europa league to make it but making it through the Premier League would be a huge win since they haven’t been at their best when the season initially started. Now they have two of the best midfielders in the league in Paul Pogba and Bruno Fenandes orchestrating their push for a champions league spot. Their fixture isn’t going to be difficult so long as the right buttons are pushed.

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