DR Congo doctors end three-week strike

The doctors’ union in Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday called off a three-week-old strike over pay that had brought hospitals to a near standstill during the country’s third wave of coronavirus.

“All doctors are asked to return to work. The strike is suspended across the country following negotiations with the government,” said Mankoy Badjoki, head of the Synamed physicians’ union.

The government has promised bonuses ranging from 200,000 to 640,000 Congolese francs ($100-320 / 85-270 euros) as well as promotions for a number of doctors.

During the strike, doctors said they would treat only “extremely urgent” cases, in hospitals that were pre-designated on a rotational basis.

Coronavirus has infected 50,529 people in the DRC, with 1,045 fatalities, according to the latest available figures issued on Monday.

Frontline pandemic workers have been promised payment of three months’ salary on the seven months that are owed to them.

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