Dancing In The Rain

Dancing In The Rain

I watched in despair as the bright shining sky turned dull and grey,
The once cheerful sky turned dark and threw away its cheer,
In a tick of the clock, mother nature opened up wide and began to cry,
Silver drops fell from the sky above
creating pitter-patter patterns on my silver roof,
I watched the silver liquid drops enrich the thirsty ground,
As the plants swayed here and there enjoying the sweet savor to bloom,
I wondered why I waited watching it run over without being a partaker,
While plants sucked the drops as an infant does breastmilk and bloom.

Why waiting for these crystal pearls to pass me over,

And watched my time while away like chaff being blown away by the wind?
When I could step my feet, one after the other,
Spinning to the left and to the right like a cone,
Swaying my hips to the pitter-patter patterns rhythmic echoes on my roof,
And hokey pokey to the rhythmic horning of the wind’s trumpet,
To be the first and the last on the floor even when I have no one to join me.

I put the first foot in front of the other and the second followed suit,

Umbrella was closed, and threw into the wind,
To have my arms opened wide and catch whatever the weather throws,
As there’s no right moment to come, every moment is right,
No longer would my time be spent playing hide and seek,
I’ll never drift in waiting for better days to come,
For no day is better than today, even if it rains,
And no weather would hinder my dance to reach my full potential.

I’ll rather dance and spin along with this beautiful, slippery and messy mess,
Rather than remaining miserable by the beautiful mess,
Never would I take a break from dancing
in this rain until I breakthrough,
For I am a dancer, a parader who’ll
never permit rain rain on her parade.

Never hold back your feet from dancing,
In the muddy, slippery and stormy path of life,
No matter how the weather looks, stormy cloudy, or rainy,
Under the sun and in the rain,
You can always dance without having your feet slip.

Never withdraw from chasing the dream you hold so dearly,
Even when the atmosphere isn’t conducive,
And it looks like you’re suffocating,
Laying wait till the rain passes suffers tomorrow,
It consumes the little energy left and makes totally empty,
The best is to learn to dance even while it rains,
For in your darkest, cloudiest and rainiest moments are beautiful stories to be coined,
And every rainy day brings a bright and shining day.

Have you taken a break from your goal because of the storm?
It’s time to get back and learn how to dance in the rain,
For life is what’s called, “a roller coaster”
Get yourself a ballerina to learn how to spin with this spinning life,
For its spiked wheels never to roll and mow you down while you lay wait,
You need not wait for the bad and scary moments to go away,
A right and positive attitude will help in heading on amidst the challenges,
So seize the day, and live your life to the fullest.

Are you still waiting for the rain to stop?

How long do you think it will rain?
When exactly do you think it’ll stop?

If you can find answers to the second and the third questions, you can wait still,
If you’re unable to find answers to them, It’s time to arise and jolly along with the rain,
Get into the rain and say yes to puddle play,
Look deeply into the puddle,
Behold the cloud under your feet and march march,
Never worry about the mess, for the mess is what makes the message,
Sure, you’ll enjoy the journey at the end.

I hope someone is ready to get wet, dance in the rain, and play in the messy puddle.

May you always find healing for your soul.

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