‘Can be a workhorse like him’: United fans compare James with Antonio Valencia after Sociedad heroics

The Welshman put in an industrious effort to help United get a big win on Thursday.

Daniel James scored and assisted in Man United’s 4-0 win over Real Sociedad in the Europa League.

The Welshman worked really hard on the right flank and helped the Red Devils’ counter-attacks with his speed.

But his hard-working demeanour, defensive contribution and overall display attracted comparisons with former United captain Antonio Valencia, with fans on Reddit commenting.

Dredza: “Anyway, Dan James can be a workhorse like Valencia.

Energy & speed, No fancy stuff.”Brown_Herbalist: “True that, he is more like Valencia, but current gen of fans wouldn’t appreciate players like him though.”Googlyeyedunicorn: “Energy & speed, no fancy stuff”.So Dan James can be Fred + speed?”Klubeht: “I’d say James has a better shot in him than Valencia tbh. Valencia had more worldies, yes but my god some of his shooting especially towards the end always had that special affinity with row Z.”Schrodingerspanther: “Dan James is another version of 3-Lung Park or a winger version of Kante. The kid is not a future Balon d’Or winner. BUTTTTTTTTT he got hustle. His playing style works on the break. But this game i noticed how his short passing and decision making were remarkably better. And he can run his socks off.

I wonder how effective he can be against big teams where he is tasked with defensive duties and man-marking a playmaker. Let’s not bring the lad down. He is a squad player, a potential cult hero for United.”

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