Burn all my expensive cloth, sell my properties and give the money to Charity-Ginimbi

Zimbabwean socialite, Ginimbi Kadungure who died in a fatal accident on Sunday after a birthday party he attended with his 3 friends is in the news again.

New information gathered fallowing Gininmbi’s painful and sad death indicates that he had a forewarning about his approaching death which resulted in him outlining how he wants his funeral to be conducted.

Gininmbi’s father disclosed in an interview that his son, Gininmbi wished to have all his assets to be sold and the money given to Charity.

And for his expensive designer clothes and shoes, he wants his family to burn it.

According to a will which he was supposed to have signed a day before his untimely death, the father claims Ginmbi wants his house to be turned into a hotel where people will remember him each time they come them to sleep.

The father in the interview said; “It is hardly surprising, In the past few weeks or so, Ginimbi would refer to his death but we were not sure of what that was coming from, although I believe that happens in Life”

“Some people can predict their death either through dreams or when they consult spiritual travelers or Prophets.

In this case, I shudder to think how it was revealed to him. But he spoke about where he wants to be buried to six members of his family including his senior maid”

“And also he had drafted some kind of a will which he and his lawyers were to sign on Monday the 9 of November but unfortunately he died a day before”.

Meanwhile, in a new report coming from Zimbabwe, one of the luxurious cars owned by the late millionaire caught fire enroute to his memorial service.

According to the new report, his ferrari was being driven by his best friend who has been identified as DJ Rimo, en-route to Doves Funeral Services Parlour where Ginimbi’s memorial service was been held.

It is said that when the car got to Herbert Chitepo Street and 2nd Avenue in Harare CBD at noon, it got overheated forcing the driver to abandon the car in the middle of the road.

Few minutes after he had left the car, smoke started coming out of the car which saw people gathering around it.

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