Biafra: IPOB Originator Disowns Eastern Security Network

The Customary Government of the Indigenous People of Biafra (CGIPOB), which is the instigator of now- proscribed group IPOB, has disowned the Eastern Security Network, recently formed by Nnamdi Kanu, Reports.

Chairman of the Governing Council, Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra, Emeka Emekesiri, in a statement he issued on Tuesday, also said that Kanu remains ostracized from CGIPOB, holding that the Eastern region of Nigeria has remained peaceful with an already established indigenous security method.


Emekesiri said that the disclaimer has its foundation from the matter of customary lawsuit between CGIPOB vs Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Attorney General of the federation which CGIPOB is plaintiff.

His statement reads,

“The Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra (CGIPOB) as the Plaintiff in the above-named suit with its political wing known as Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) and human rights wing known as Bilie Human Rights Initiative (BHRI) hereby issues this Public Notice and Disclaimer and dissociates itself and its citizens, indigenes, subjects, officers and members from Mr Nnamdi Kanu and his security organization called Eastern Security Network of an unknown address and unknown legal authority.

“Mr Nnamdi Kanu was ostracised by the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra under the hand and seal of the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra on 12 May 2014 and he formed his own faction of IPOB which was outlawed, proscribed and declared a terrorist organization in 2017.

“To the best of our knowledge, the Proscription Order of the Federal High Court and the gazetting of the Order have not been set aside.

“We confirm that his ostracism by the Customary Government still stands.

“The Defendants in the on-going case and the general public are hereby put on notice that Mr Nnamdi Kanu and his followers do not have the blessings of the Customary Government and the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra.

“It appears that he is labouring to remain relevant by acting as a busybody.

“We operate our Ndinche Security Department under our Customary Law in collaboration with all the communities and town unions in Biafraland.

“We confirm that Biafraland is relatively more peaceful than most parts of the North and Middlebelt because of the security network in the South East Region.”

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