BBNaija Praise shares his son’s cute reaction to his tattoo on his reality star’s arm


BBNaija Praise recently shared a lovely video on his social media page.

The video revealed the moment that his son saw himself tattooed on his father’s arms.

Praise’s son was excited as he recognised himself the moment he saw the drawing

BBNaija Praise has got his fans and followers gushing after he shared a video online. The reality star shared the moment his son saw his tattoo on his arms.

In the video, Praise stretched his arms out to his son.

As soon as the boy, who was standing on a couch saw the tattoo, he screamed his own name excitedly.

Praise went on to ask him who the drawing is and he repeated that he is the one.

Praise’s fans gushed over the video as they expressed their thoughts in the reality star’s comment section.

Some said they love “Jamie forever”.


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