Bailly: ‘Pogba is very professional and works hard. People say he doesn’t care, but that’s not true’

  • The Ivorian defender says that Pogba is a very happy figure in the United dressing room.
  • Bailly insists that the Frenchman is a top professional and all the talk about his poor attitude is wrong.

Speaking on Guillmen Balague’s Pure Football podcast, Eric Bailly said: “Paul Pogba is someone – how to qualify this? – he’s always happy, he portrays one image and if you don’t know him, you’d say that this guy doesn’t care, he’s not concentrating or fixing on what he needs to do.

“But he’s not like that at all. He’s very professional and works really hard. People look and say he doesn’t care but that’s just not true for me.

“You’ve got to know him to really see what type of person he is. Above everything, he is a really hard worker, a professional player.”

Despite all the controversy created by his agent, Pogba has improved his form over the last few months and put in some great performances before sustaining an injury against Everton.

Bailly shares a very good friendship with the Frenchman on and off the pitch, so it’s good to see him sticking up for his teammate to squash all the misinformation around Pogba’s reputation at United.

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