Another emotional send-off letter from Insta Hottie Danielle Alen to Ginimbi

Another emotional send-off letter from Insta Hottie Danielle Alen to Ginimbi The Insta hottie was one of the close friends of Ginimbi, though she is not based in the country, every time she came home Ginimbi is the one who would fetch her from the airport.

She would stay in Domboshava until she returns to her base in South Africa where she is based. She has written another letter to Ginimbi again as he is set to be buried today.

She Wrote,

💔G Your Home Was Everyone’s Home, You Opened Your Heart & Hands To All💔This Shoot I Done By The Pool Side Three Weeks Ago Who Would Have Known It Would Have Been The Last, I Even Sent You My Mood Board Before I Landed Your Response Was “Chirungu Babe, Ka 1” Because You Were About That “Picture” Life💔When We Were Done With The Shoot & I Told You How Much It Was I’ll Never Forget Your Response “D Kasi Wakupenga, That Amount For What Ndinoziva Ma Angels Ako Wani, Wangu You Don’t Spend Money Like That” You Said “Do You Know What These IPhones Can Do D,

That Was A Waste Of Money” We All Burst Out Laughing You Even Stood Up To Express Yourself, I Was Trying To Convince You Why It Wasn’t A Waste You Were Like “Ah Ah D You Don’t Waste Money Like That” No Doubt You Lived Life On The “Edge” Before They Try & Pick @ My Words I Simply Mean “You Were About That Life” But You Were One Hell Of A Principled Guy💔

I Cherish The Fact That We Spent The Last Few Weeks Together, All Of Us Sitting Around The Dining Table Talking About All Sorts Of Nonsense, I Can Literally See You Laughing Right Now Your Laugh G Was Contagious! We May Not Speak For Weeks On End But As Soon As I Landed We Picked Up Where We Left Off!! You Are The Most Non-Judgemental Person & I Loved You For That I Could Get “White Girl Wasted” Act A Fool Around You & The Next Day It Was Like Nothing Happened They Would All Be Like G “Hauna Kuona Zvanga Zvichiita D” & You Would Be Like “Siyana Na D” & That Would Be The End $uck You Embraced All My Bull$hit💔💔

This Is Not A “Eulogy” But Me Just Remembering The Good Times Because All I’m Left With Now Is Memories, Recent Memories So It Burns Even More💔

Hold Me Down Down Here G, It’s Been Really Hard!!!

I Couldn’t Fly In Today For Your Burial Because Truth Is I Was NEVER EVER Going To Be Alright With Them Laying You In The Ground, I Guess I’m Still In Denial Pls Forgive Me. For Those I Let Down By Not Coming I’m Truly Sorry, God In Heaven Knows I Tried!! I’ll Have To Come & Visit You In My Own Time, Rest Easy G, One Thing That I’m Sure The World Can See Is That You Are A LEGEND💔 10-10-84💔08-11-20.

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