Amad Diallo fined £42,000 for using ‘false certifications’ to move to Italy in 2015

The teenager and his brother, Hamed Traore, have both fined.

The FIGC, Italian football’s governing body, has fined Amad Diallo and his brother Hamed Traore £42,000 each for using ‘false certifications’ and bogus parents to move to Italy in 2015.

The teenager has submitted a plea to avoid a ban but will have to pay the hefty fine imposed.Diallo, who was playing for Atalanta before joining Manchester United, left the Ivory Coast in search of better opportunities.

However, the Daily Mail reports that there is an investigation into a possible child trafficking ring responsible for smuggling Amad and Hamed into Italy on a family visa – including their false ‘parents’ – Hamed Mamadou Traore and Marina Edwige Carine Teher.United have not made a comment but the Daily Mail understands that they signed him after being reassured that it won’t impact his ability to continue playing for them.

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