1 goal, 5 red cards and a brawl. PSG vs Marseille had it all

As Neymar gets sent off in the final 15 minutes

PSG and Marseille played out a goalless second half with first half goal from Thuavin making the difference between the two teams. The second half wasn’t all that fun as players received a total of 17 cards with 15 of them being yellow and the rest was red.

PSG vs Marseille

Kurzawa, Paredes and Neymar all got booked by the referee before being sent off except for the later who was sent of directly while Amavi and Benedetto got sent off for the away side.

The victory now condemns PSG to 18th place in the league having lost their first 2 games while missing key players along the way. The win now means PSG have lost to Marseille for the first time in a Decade with their last defeat prior to this being in 2011.

They now look to makeup for lost time as they prepare for their next match.

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